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Web3 - FinTech - Blockchain

Web3 encompasses a broad range of computing infrastructure and decentralised applications that are built on smart contract platforms. Since the advent of Bitcoin and Ethereum, there has been an explosion of disruptive innovation that challenges the incumbent financial system. Cryptoassets allow for the collective ownership and shared economic coordination of individuals across over the globe. 


The revolution is ongoing: stay informed.


Kenneth Bok

Kenneth Bok is Managing Director of Blocks, a web3 consultancy based in Singapore. Kenneth was previously Head of Growth and Strategy at Zilliqa, where he led ecosystem and business development. He was also lead organiser for De/Centralize 2018, a groundbreaking conference on digital assets and blockchain. 


Kenneth started his career in finance as an equities derivatives trader with Goldman Sachs. As a digital asset investor since 2014, he has invested in Ethereum, Cosmos and Tezos at seed-stage, and is an active angel investor in web3 startups.


Kenneth speaks regularly at technology events, writes for prominent industry platforms, and has been featured on many leading media outlets. Kenneth holds an M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College and an M.A. in Philosophy from CIIS.

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