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a few... ok ok thanks iceroot: i'm not sure. does it matter? i don't really need to troubleshoot this more. Sleepee: yes... sleepee: what is the reason why you are using dhcp on a static network and what is your goal? sleepee: there are tools that will configure it for you, like Firestarter iceroot: i'm the network admin. iceroot: and i dont want to set the IP manually every time sleepee: no. I don't believe Firestarter configures DHCP. nicomachus: it's a frontend. nicomachus: nicomachus: you are wrong he already said he was the network admin. oh. i didnt see that. that explains it then i just found this: Firestarter will configure your DHCP server for you, not your clients. ah sorry lol nicomachus: so that's not what i'm looking for, then? no, I don't know why you think you're looking for that. have you read the link I just posted to you? nicomachus: yes, i'm looking for something that will enable dhcp for a virtual network not for an individual virtual machine yea, I see that now. i'm looking to configure the "host" network, not individual vms




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Solarwinds Engineers Toolset V10 Crack Included regisawf

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